Our Philosophy

Ideal education can prevail only with its motive rightly defined. What is education? Going to an institute, mugging up the syllabus, securing good marks or having degrees before your name? At Edge we believe that customary education can build you to be good and we can add to it to make you the best.After all success demands the extra effort above good. We aim to be the future of customary education.Edge is the next generation education thatbelieves in lessons that will gear you up for not just academics but career and life at large.
Why run a rat race all your life just to find out that the finish line doesn’t exist at all in your route? In most cases today, emphasis is laid on competition and not on developing competence. Competition is important but there’s meaning to it only after you have developed a competitive advantage. True competition should be with self with an aim of continuous improvement. Thiscan happen by developing competence and that’s precisely why we believe in redefining education.

Edge Academy’s Redefined Education System

A. Our Journey


B. Edge came to existence in 2009 but was born in the minds of its conceivers much prior to that. We started with a view to innovate ways to bridge the gap between customary education and ideal education. Ever since conception we have strived to develop unique tools and techniques that fulfil our basic belief without compromising on quality of education and performance of our students.

Edge was founded in 2009, by dynamic duo of Educationalist, Mr.Dushyant. P. Patel, and Highly-Intellectual Chartered Accountant, Mr.Mitesh. P. Patel, whereas it took birth in the minds of itsconceivers much prior to that. We started with a view to innovate ways to bridge the gap between customary education and ideal education. Ever since conception we have strived to develop unique tools and techniques that fulfil our basic belief without compromising on quality of education and performance of our students.


C. The Visionaries behind Edge Academy
Edge was founded by two dynamic educationalists and topper Chattered Accountants Mr.Mitesh.P. Patel and Mr.Dushyant. P. Patel.


D. Our Legacy
Started with a small but revolutionary motive, Edge now has 7 branches in the central suburb and many more in pipeline. Students ofEdge shall remember Edge not only for the good marks that he/she secures in exams; but also for the skills and life lessons that we teach them which are helpful to them throughout their career as well as life. We focus on building competence not on surviving competition.


E. Teaching excellency

>> Faculty
Our teaching faculty include Gold medalists, Engineers, Post Graduates etc who are masters in their respective subjects and skilled in making the subject easy to understand and interesting. Teaching is not just their profession but hobby as well and the passion to teach drives them. Their energy will motivate students as well.

>> Admin and counsellors
Our admin and counsellors are always supportive and ready to help.

>> Notes
Ironically, every academician was once a student and yet they sometimes fail to understand the plight of students. We know how long and complex notes can get. Hence we make notes for you just like they are supposed to be – Simple in language and Exam Oriented.

>> Exams
Weekly test
Unit test
Mock board

>> Paper marathon
Paper marathon is a unique test series devised by Edge academy to make students 100% ready for board exams. Under paper marathon, students have to write 3 papers of a subject in a single day. This test is arranged after the regular prelims are over and just a few days before board exams. This helps the student to overcome the fear of board exam and they become fully confident to face it.It’s advantages also include:-
a. Increase in writing speed as time allotted in 2nd & 3rd paper is less
b. Students get habituated to writing well and managing decent handwriting
c. Students become confident of completing the paper within the time limit.

>> Discipline
We ensure discipline by the following ways:
Check on Attendance
Regular Feedback to Parents
Personal Attention
Control on Mobile Usage
Parents Meeting

Our Secret Mantra of Success:

Core Principles:


Competition with Self
One of our basic beliefs is that each individual has his/her unique capabilities. Focusing too much on competing with others can decrease confidence and end up demotivating an individual. On the other hand developing once own competence and competing with self can lead to constant improvement.

Learn; Enjoy, Transform
The say, all work and no play makesJack a dull boy. Things we enjoy are things we remember. Hence at Edge we focus on ensuring that students enjoy what they do which in turn leads to learning and transformation.
We conduct various activities, competitions & training sessions every month. We also organise debates, antakshari, quiz, Chess, Dumb Sharers etc. We celebrate days and go out on picnics so that the fun element is never missing. As we believe that recreational activities are as important for growth as studies are. We also organise training on Goal Setting, Time management, Learning skills, Exam Skills, Relationship management, Yoga, Competition with self, Character building etc to transform the students and make them responsible.

Making Students Improvement Centric
Any activity at Edge is aimed at one and only one target- Improvement. That’s what we started with and that’s what we will strive for always. We inculcate the same value in our students.


E D G E stands for

Skill Development:
Real education comes with overall improvement and not just marks. Hence we combine skill development along with academic development to make each student achieve his/her best.
We inculcate in students the skills of:


Goal Setting
So that they know where they are heading and we can guide their journey to be solely directed towards their destination.

Time Management &Priority Management
So that they can manage academics and co-curricular activities without compromising on either, so that they can make the most of their time, sequence their activities and schedule their needs well.

Learning & Exam Skill Development
Memorising without understanding and then forgetting it in the exam is the most common problem among students. To tackle this it’s important to focus on learning well so that we can reproduce the content well in an exam. Hence Edge focuses on learning and exam skill development as well.

Yoga Lectures
It is proved that yoga has benefits like increasing concentration and reducing stress; both of which are useful to students. That is why yoga finds its place in our development program.

Character Building


Relationship Management
Good relationships are the key to professional and personal success. It is important that individuals learn to manage relationships effectively right from a young age.

MiteshDushyant Performance Index
A unique tool for assessment of improvement registered with WIPO Patent application made in US and India.
International Patent holder of performance improvement index- best assessment tool so far. It is innovated by our founders Mr.Mitesh. P. Patel and Mr.Dushyant. P. Patel jointly with our idea team. This formula basically creates a positive attitude of competing with self rather than with our outsiders. At the same time assessment gives parents a handy tool to keep a close watch on their wards and to know weather they are showing real improvement or not.
Further MDPI is a very useful tool for teachers to keep a track of each and every student under them, which is normally not feasible. However with the help of MDPI, teachers can now identify those students who cannot understand the topics thoroughly. This way MDPI also has a pressure on the teacher to keep a watch on all the students in the class and not just few front benchers.