Bhavik Jain- Ranker of SSC
Niharika Thakkar- Ranker of SSC
Purva Satpute- Ranker of SSC
Rajveer Rawal- Ranker of SSC
Saloni Pauwaa- Ranker of SSC
Shilpa Shenoy- 1st Rank in SSC
Shubham Rokade- Ranker of SSC
Sumit Ray- Ranker of SSC
Tanisha Mhatre- Ranker of SSC

EDGE Benefits

  • Expert Teachers
  • Small Batch Size
  • Exclusive Test Series
  • Audio-Video Teaching
  • SMS Alerts
  • Regular Feedback System
  • Revision & Doubt Solving Lectures
  • 24×7 Helpline
  • Goal Setting Lectures
  • Mock Board Exam
  • Moderator Session
  • Paper Marathon
  • Personal Counselling
  • Quarterly Parents Meeting

EDGE Innovations


International patent holder of performance improvement index – best assessment tool so far. MDPI is an internationally patented formula for assessing the performance improvement of students innovated by our founders Mr.Mitesh Patel and Mr.Dushyant Patel jointly with our idea team.

Paper Marathon

Paper Marathon is a unique test series devised by Edge Academy to make students 100% ready for board exams. Under paper marathon, students have to write 3 papers of a subject in a single day. This test is arranged after the regular prelims are over and just a few days before board exams.

Goal Book

Edge academy gives high weightage to personal goal setting. Through special lectures on Goal Setting and with the help of counselors, students are encouraged to set higher goals in their academic life. To remind them about their goals and for their self-appraisal.