About Us


We at EDGE ACADEMY respect your efforts to achieve your desires and would like to be an integral part of your achievements. We are here to support you in pursuing your dreams and also in helping you realize them.

Success in life depends not onlyon academic growth but also on character building. We believe strong characteristics such as confidence, integrity, high morale, positivity, agility, ethics and concentration provide the backbone for excellence. What sets us apart from others is that we believe in developing all the above-cited qualities among our students right from the moment they join us.

Due to total ignorance of the non-academic traits required to be imbibed in education, we realised that many academically bright students also struggle in the life ahead of them. EDGE ACADEMY was established with this preciseand novel thought –The overall development of students.

Our Founders


Shri Prakash Lohakare

EDGE ACADEMY was founded by very young, dynamic and energetic efficient administrator Shri Prakash Lohakare and Team. Together they created a concrete team of experienced Managers and a dedicated team of highly qualified teaching staff.

Edge Academy came into existence in 2009 but was born in the minds of its founders much prior to that. It was started with a view to bridge the gap with innovative ways between customary education and ideal education. Ever since conception we have strived to develop unique tools and techniques that fulfil our basic belief without compromising on quality of education and performance of our students.

Our legacy started with a small but revolutionary motive. Edge Academy now has 6 centers in the central suburb and many more in the pipeline. Our students remember us not only for the good marks that they secure in examsbut also for the skills that we teach them which are helpful throughout their career as well as life.We focus on building competence not on surviving competition.


Our teaching faculty include IITians, Gold Medalists, Engineers and Post Graduates who are masters in their respective subjects. They are skilled in making the subject easy to understand and interesting. Teaching is not just a profession but a passion for them, and their passionmotivates the students as well.


Our admin and counsellors are supportive and alwaysready to help our students.


Our students are encouraged to aim higher, create an action plan, be focused and develop an insight about the career. They are given the best teaching and learning environment possible for their growth. Personal counselling is offered to studentsas well as to students accompanied by parents.


We have a great place for our students to learn, grow and develop by making surewe offer much more than mere timetables and teaching. We aim to guide and support our students through a happy, enjoyable academy life where they achieve the best.


We are committed to ensure all our students leave with confidence and skills that willhelp themachieve their dreams and ambitions in life. We do this through Quality Teaching, MDPI measure, Performance Monitoring and constant support for all our students.


Your happiness matters to us. We welcome you into our academy and we work hard to ensure you enjoy coming to us and feel at Home.


We treat students as individuals – young people with different needs and ambitions. We aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills for future success to achieve those ambitions. We provide the best conditions for self-discipline, trust, responsibility, co- operation, self-confidence and independent learning.


We feel that parental support is equally important in the achievements of a child. We always welcome communication with families and are committed to keep them informed about their child’s progress. To keep track on the child’s progress, we offer sms updates to the parents. The students have an opportunity to meet with the Lecturers and the staff throughout the year.