We, at Edge Academy, believe in Mastery, not Mediocrity. Our experts team believes in Excellence, not in Insignificance.

Today there is a need not just to give quality education but to build competence in students so that they can face the challenge of competition after completing their studies. We, at Edge Academy, try to build competence in our students rather than just pushing them in to competition. Students with good personality traits like dedication, determination, hard work, perseverance etc. always do better than students without it. So it is equally important that along with quality education, such type of personality traits should be build among students so that they can achieve success to their full potential.

We at Edge encourage competition with self instead of competition with others. We instill other smart skills into students like goal setting, time management, relationship management etc. Students are equipped with better learning skills, memory skills which increases their marks with respect to efforts being taken.

We provide your children with a world class learning platform, which teaches them and guides them for their brilliant future. We assure you that your children will get a good learning experience here. They will certainly get grand success in academics as well as in their life. They will fly high and touch the sky and will grow beyond the limits.

Our experts put their hearts to educate your children. We offer you to avail the opportunity and let them make a difference in the world. Let them have an experience of learning with fun which will transform their personality and life.

Learn, Enjoy, Transform


We are ‘Redefining Education’


Our teaching faculty include IITians, Gold medalists, Engineers, Doctors, CA’s, PhD, and Post Graduates who are masters in their respective subjects.


Every academician was once a student, and yet they often fail to understand the plight of students. But we understand how long and complex notes can get.


For board exams & entrance exams we conduct various weekly tests, unit tests, prelims acid test, mock board etc.

We have derived a unique test series called ‘Paper Marathon’ to make students 100% ready for board exams.
Under paper marathon, students have to write 3 papers of a subject in a single day. This test is arranged after the regular prelims are over and just a few days before board exams. This helps the student to overcome the fear of board exam and they become fully confident to face it.
It’s advantages also include:-
a. Increase in writing speed as time allotted in 2nd & 3rd paper is less
b. Students get habituated to writing well and managing decent handwriting
c. Students become confident of completing the paper within the time limit


We ensure discipline by the following ways:
Check on Attendance
Regular Feedback to Parents
Personal Attention
Control on Mobile Usage
Parents Meeting

Things we enjoy are things we remember. Hence, we focus on ensuring that students enjoy what they do which in turn leads to learning and transformation.We conduct various activities, competitions & training sessions every month. We believe that recreational activities are as important for growth as studies are, hence we also organise debates, antakshari, quiz, chess, and many fun activities to keep them motivated. We celebrate days and go out on picnics so that the fun element is never missing.We also organise training on goal setting, time management, learning skills, exam skills, relationship management, yoga, competition with self, character building, etc. to transform the students and make them responsible and successful.

All our activitiesare aimed at one and only one target- Improvement. That’s what we started with and that’s what we will strive for always. We inculcate the same value in our students.

E D G E stands for


Personality traits like Dedication, Determination, Perseverance, and Hard Work are key to success in today’s highly competitive environment. But at the same time we also understand that students should be calm, patient and confident. Building these traits into our student’s character will give them lifetime edge over others. This is the reason why we strongly push for character building of students in a right way.

So that they can manage academics and co-curricular activities without compromising on either.Hence they can make the most of their time, sequence their activities and schedule their needs well.

Real education comes with overall improvement and not just marks. Hence, we combine skill development along with academic development to make each student achieve their best.

So that they know where they are heading, and we can guide their journey to be solely directed towards their destination.
First and foremost thing which parents should do when their child enters 10th or 12th(or going to appear in entrance exams) is to set a clear cut GOAL. Because someone has correctly said that its not possible to hit the target which you can not see. And this has to be done very systematically and not in haphazard manner.

Memorising without understanding and then forgetting it in the exam is the most common problem among students. To tackle this it’s important to focus on learning well so that we can reproduce the content well in an exam.

It is proved that yoga is useful for students as it hashas benefits like increasing concentration and reducing stress. That is why yoga finds its place in our development program.

Good relationships are the key to professional and personal success. It is important that still learn to manage relationships effectively right from a young age.

One of our basic beliefs is that each individual has their own unique capabilities. Focusing too much on competing with others can decrease confidence and end up demotivating the student. On the other hand developing once own competence and competing with self can lead to constant improvement.