Achievement Path

Achievers are not made in a day. We need to put the bricks of effort gradually one over the other to make a strong building.

Generally, people assume that pushing a child to achieve his/her goal is an easy job. But, trust me, it’s not.  One needs to motivate children accordingly without forcing them. Forcing them vaguely is not an intelligent idea.

We, at Edge Academy, guide them and help them to select the right path. We hold the finger of your children and will never leave till they succeed.

The regular test results accelerate the speed of their success. They compete with themselves and grow faster. We keep an eye on their regular practice. Our faculties keep in touch with children on regular basis.

We have a team of experts in our staff. The faculty includes IITians, Gold medalists, Engineers, Doctors, Post Graduates etc. They have proved their excellence and mastery in their respective subjects. The team is skilled in making the subject easy to understand and interesting. For them teaching is their passion, They guide them and propel them to achieve the desired results. They not only teach the children but also energise them to perform the best in their academics. They also listen to their problems and try hard to solve them.

  Here, at Edge Academy, our experts enhance children’s overall personalities, so that they will be groomed into decent people having brilliant careers. They will be  a person with an exemplary personality. We transform them into hard-working and diligent people with the qualities of love and compassion. We have pledged to give them such a fun-filled learning environment to transform them. We are not ready for any compromises on the terms of quality. Apart from studies, we also conduct some games or fun-filled activities to boost their interest in studies. We believe that a healthy and happy body contains a healthy brain.

 You are welcome to infer about us with the testimonials provided and with our previous year’s results. Undoubtedly, your children will be successful and make you feel proud. 

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